Best Wishes in the Year of Horse

This weekend we are celebrating lunar New Year, or, as we call it here, Chinese New Year. It’s one of the best times of year– and not just because we gets days of work. There are decorations, red packets of money are given, and lots of eating to celebrate the coming year.

This year is particularly fun for me, as I am a horse, and it’s year of the horse. {And this description probably fits me better than my western zodiac.} And look at this gorgeous display. A fun way to celebrate, right?



Lai See, or red packets, are given out to younger colleagues and people that help you, like doormen. Similar to a tip at Christmas, you put clean, crisp bills in envelopes for a better presentation and hand them out the day of or after. I got these beautiful envelopes this year that I can’t wait to give out.

collage cny


And this map helps you know who to give packets {because it can be a bit confusing}.

lai see


Not to mention, there will lots of fireworks and food– dumplings included. Check out my instagram for updates through the weekend. It’s so fun to join in the cities celebrations!

Kung hei fat choi! xoxo